एक परिवारिक सदस्य द्वारा यौन उत्पीड़न

आखिरी अपडेट Jul 13, 2022

एक बच्चे का एक परिवारिक सदस्य सिर्फ वह नहीं है जो उससे खून से संबंधित है, वह और अन्य तरह के संबंध जैसे, शादी, गोद लेना, अभिभावकीय संरक्षण, और पालन पोषण (फाेस्टर) आदि से भी हो सकता है। इसमें ऐसे व्यक्ति भी शामिल हैं जिनके साथ, माता-पिता या बच्चे का, एक ही घर में रहने के कारण घरेलू संबंध हैं। जब इस तरह के एक परिवारिक सदस्य द्वारा यौन दुराचार किया जाता है, तो उसे किसी अन्य व्यक्ति की तुलना में जो परिवार का सदस्य नहीं है, ज्यादा गंभीर दंड दिया जाता है क्योंकि बच्चे का उनके साथ अधिकार और विश्वास का संबंध हैं। एक परिवारिक सदस्य द्वारा यौन उत्पीड़न के लिए सजा, दस साल की जेल से आजीवन कारावास तक है, जब कि एक गैर-परिवारिक सदस्य के लिए यह सजा, सात साल से लेकर आजीवन कारावास तक है।

यदि आप किसी परिवार के सदस्य को जानते हैं जो बाल यौन उत्पीड़न कर रहा है, या परिवार में किसी यौन उत्पीड़ित बच्चे को जानते हैं, तो आप कृपया हमारे स्पष्टीकरण को देखें कि ऐसे अपराध की रिपोर्ट आप किस तरह कर सकते हैं।


    Rinki Langeh

    June 27, 2023

    I’m married for 9 years and have been a victim of domestic violence, mental torture and abusive behaviour of my husband and in-laws. But from some time my father-in-law has been sexually harassing me and when I talked about it to my husband, he began to beat me up assuming i’m putting wrong allegations on his father. I want justice. Please help me!

    Shelly Jain

    February 21, 2024

    I’m truly sorry to hear about the difficult situation you’re facing. Domestic violence, mental torture, and sexual harassment are serious offenses, and you deserve support and justice. Here are some steps you can take to seek help and justice:
    1. Seek Immediate Safety: If you’re in immediate danger, please prioritize your safety. Reach out to trusted friends, family members, or neighbors who can offer you a safe place to stay. You can also contact local authorities or helplines for assistance.
    2. File a Police Complaint: Report the incidents of domestic violence, mental torture, and sexual harassment to the police. You have the right to file a First Information Report (FIR) against your husband, father-in-law, and any other perpetrators involved. The police should take appropriate action and provide you with protection if necessary.
    3. Seek Legal Assistance: Contact a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence and family law. They can guide you through the legal process, including obtaining protection orders, filing for divorce or separation, and seeking compensation for the harm you’ve endured.
    4. Contact Women’s Helplines: In India, there are helplines and organizations dedicated to supporting women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. They can provide you with counseling, legal advice, and assistance in accessing support services.
    5. Document Evidence: Keep records of any evidence related to the abuse, such as medical reports, photographs of injuries, text messages, emails, or witnesses who can support your case. Documentation can strengthen your legal case and help you seek justice.
    6. Seek Support: It’s essential to reach out to supportive individuals and organizations for emotional support and guidance during this challenging time. You are not alone, and there are people who care about your well-being and want to help you.
    Remember that you have rights, and you deserve to live free from abuse and harassment. Don’t hesitate to take action to protect yourself and seek justice. If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to local authorities, helplines, or trusted individuals who can provide support.

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