Civics Studios

Civic Studios is a Mumbai based organisation that was incubated at the MIT Media labs, USA. Their aim is to build bridges between citizens, government and public institutions, and in turn help strengthen the democracies we live in through research and media production. Their work comprises digital comedy, studio productions and a research hub.

We The Young

We The Young is a youth media platform who have been working in the impact and media sector. Their content revolves around youth culture: their passion, mental health and life stories! Their aim is to amplify the voices of young change makers, connect youth with opportunities, document stories of struggle and strength and help brands engage with youth via campaigns.

The Quantum Hub- TQH

TQH is a Delhi based organisation that was founded in 2017 with the express intent of working on complex public policy problems in the dynamically evolving Indian ecosystem. Set up as a consulting firm, TQH was conceptualised to bridge the gap that exists in the policy space. TQH works with a host of clients – both private and public – on challenging policy problems across a range of sectors.

Young Leaders For Active Citizenship

“In 2021, YLAC collaborated with Nyaaya to build on the legal knowledge of the participating fellows and nudge them to create content which can help spread awareness about legal rights and remedies. The collaboration was an insightful experience for both the fellows and team YLAC. We look forward to more such collaborations in the future.”

~Surabhi Malhotra, Senior Officer, Programs

Founded in 2016, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) aims to increase the participation of young people in the policymaking process and build their capacity to lead change. Their interventions are designed to equip citizens with a better understanding of the society they live in and the challenges that it confronts. Their aim is to help young people broaden their perspective, think critically about their socio-political construct, tap their leadership potential and acquire skills to create long lasting impact.


Ungender is a full-stack knowledge and technology advisory to help companies achieve a culture of inclusion and employee-first culture in a data-driven manner. They believe that to help companies build workplace safety, the wellbeing of those who put their trust in them comes first. Ungender focuses on identifying the barriers to achieving inclusion through their Assessment & Due Diligence Services​ and on designing interventions that enable achieving the desired results. Ungender’s programs are primarily facilitatory, driven to impart practical and updated knowledge, and have elements of audience profiling incorporated.

Gram Vaani

Gram Vaani is a social tech company which uses technology to create participatory media platforms that people find accessible and adaptable. Incubated out of IIT-Delhi, Gram Vaani started in 2009 with the intent of reversing the flow of information, that is, to make it bottom-up instead of top-down. Using simple technologies and social context to design tools, they have been able to impact communities – more than 3 million lives touched through 25+ district and partner platforms covering 20+ Indian states.


Sayfty is an organisation which works towards empowering women against violence. Sayty’s vision is to make the daily lives of millions of Indian women safer by empowering them to take a stance against gender violence. A woman’s safety is her birthright and our programs and initiatives ensure that she feels safe and free from violence. They educate women and girls about the issue of violence against women by using digital media, storytelling and gender role discussions.


“Working with Nyaaya has been an excellent experience – it’s rare to find partners who invest deeply in collaborative approaches, to achieve common goals. The Nyaaya glossary has generated a lot of interest through our social media channels – which demonstrates how relevant and easy to understand the content is. We are looking forward to many more opportunities to partner with Nyaaya in the future!”

~Antaraa Vasudev, Founder, Civis

Civis is a community driven platform, which is built and maintained by Civic Innovation Foundation.

Civic Innovation Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to generate public awareness and provide education on issues of civic importance.

The Foundation has worked in partnership with non-profit organisations and Government bodies to facilitate citizen’s participation in the law making process at a ward, city and state level.

To enable other organisations to conduct citizen’s engagement, we have created open source toolkits on civic engagement, which can be implemented in low literacy areas, as well as the open source platform – Civis.