Our Collaborators

Our vision is to empower every Indian, residing in urban or rural areas, with need based, reliable, actionable legal information. To achieve this enormous vision, we partner with key collaborators to help us bridge the gap between us and beneficiaries and enrich our content with their practical expertise in different areas.

Collaborators can either help simplify the content in a usable and user-friendly format by providing insights about the beneficiaries, share their practical expertise on processes for enforcing rights or help us with tech or social media solutions to effectively reach out to our audience.

Grass-root level social or non-profit organisations help Nyaaya understand the needs, challenges and opportunities of disseminating information among underserved communities and help disseminate our need-based content to such communities.

Featured Collaborations

Civics Studios

Mumbai, India


Mumbai, India

Gram Vaani

Bihar, India


Kanpur, India

The Quantum Hub- TQH

Delhi, India


Delhi, India

We The Young

Delhi, India

Young Leaders For Active Citizenship

Delhi, India


Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Bangalore, India

Want to work with us on meaningful and impactful collaborations?